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Lagos Scam: How a Water Seller Almost Scammed a Lagos Bus Conductor

Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide
Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Last updated on February 11, 2024

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For inside the Lagos traffic wahala, where every journey fit carry im own tori, one Naija lady recently see for herself the scam way dey happen for Lagos streets. Wetin start like normal transport from Ogba reach CMS come end up as eye-opening experience, as e show say people still dey use their smartness scam for the busy Lagos roads.

Na so-so afternoon wahala as the bus, wey full with people, dey waka through the Lagos traffic wey we sabi. Dem go through Eko Bridge because Third Mainland Bridge dey repair. No be small tin, na so these passengers take enta one kind scam way water hawker wan use shine eye.

As bus dey hold for traffic, one man wey dey sell water show face, talk say person inside the bus don carry him water waka, and e talk say conductor suppose pay for am. Conductor, wey no gree believe the story, talk say make the man show evidence.

CONDUCTOR: Show me the person wey carry water.

HAWKER: Na the man wey dey corner.

CONDUCTOR: Point the man.

HAWKER: Abeg, na the driver carry am.

CONDUCTOR: Mtcheew! (hisses) “Comot for here joor.”

As traffic waka, the bus run comot, con leave the water hawker dey look like person wey wan use person shine. E no follow chase the bus as e for do normally. E just dey stand dey smile like person wey wan talk say, “I for don catch money from conductor.”

But the truth be say, nobody inside the bus carry water. Na so scam man wan take run conductor. But the conductor, wey sabi the way all these scam people dey operate, no gree fall for the trick. Like dem talk, “He no wan gree for scammers!”

Even as the narrator sit for bus with fresh air, and she even get name wey be “Honesty,” she still talk say, “HONESTY dey suffocate for this kind matter.”

This whole wahala just dey show say people need shine their eye well well for Lagos streets, as scam fit happen anywhere. E show say we need sharp awareness and make we dey careful so that honesty fit still dey on top for Lagos, no matter how people dey try scam moves for road.


Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

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