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8 High-Demand Tech Skills to Learn in Nigeria in 2024

Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide
Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Last updated on February 11, 2024

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High-Demand Tech Skills to Learn in Nigeria

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As the world evolves, there’s a growing demand for tech skills. The tech industry is a popular one because of its ability to make things easy for different industries across various sectors.

Tech skills are in high demand and are what organizations and industries look out for. The amazing thing about these high-demand tech skills is that you can either work from home or onsite; you can also work in or out of Nigeria.

To get started in the tech industry and stay relevant in the field, here are the top 8 tech skills in high demand.

Software development

If you’ve ever been curious about how the applications and websites you use works, exploring a career in software development might interest you.

Software development focuses on various activities that involve developing, designing, implementing, and maintaining software systems. The role of software developers is to design computer applications that enable users to perform specific tasks.

It is not as easy as the definition sounds because there is much to learn before getting a software developer position in the tech industry.

Talk of codes, programming language, testing and debugging, and lots more. You need all of these skills to be able to put apps and websites together.

Data Science and Analytics

Data is no doubt getting more crucial for businesses, either big or small. Companies need the expertise of data scientists to gather, analyze, and understand their data. These experts find trends, predict things, and solve tricky problems using their skills.

Just like software development, data science, and analytics require codes and programming languages; you need to be good in programming languages such as python, SQL, R, and more.

You should also acquire skills in utilizing data visualization tools such as Tableau or Power BI. Additionally, proficiency in statistical analytic techniques will enhance your value in industries that’s is data-dependent.

User Experience and Interface (UI/UX) Design

If you’re the type that thinks coding and programming are too complex for you, one of the no-code high-demand tech skills is UI/UX design. If you have an eye for colors and putting shapes together, this no code skill might be something you want to consider.

So, what does UI/UX entail? Have you ever used an app that you just couldn’t get enough of, from the aesthetics to ease of use? Yes, that’s the work of a UI/UX designer. They are responsible for creating a user experience and interface that makes it easy for a user to complete a task.

Many companies need UI/UX designers to make products and services that customers like and can relate to. As a UI/UX designer, you can work in different areas like technology, healthcare, finance, and other industries.


As good as the internet may be, it still poses some threat to users and industries as well. That’s where cybersecurity comes in; cybersecurity involves safeguarding systems and networks from cyberattacks. This security is possible where professionals apply their skills to detect, prevent, and respond to such threats.

Cybersecurity experts help companies ensure their networks are safe and secure to prevent breach from external bodies. They create, test, and put security measures in place, providing firewalls and other protocols that are bug-free.

Gaining expertise in network security and threat detection is vital to safeguarding organizations against cyberattacks. Getting important certifications will do you lots of good and help you go far in the field.

Project management

If you have a flair for organization and planning, then project management is one of the high-demand tech skills you might want to consider.

Managing projects is essential, not just for tech companies but also for companies that create digital products and services. It helps make sure things happen on time and without spending too much money.

Project management entails planning, structuring, and organizing a company’s resources to accomplish a goal. This tech skill requires establishing clear objectives for the desired project outcome, creating plans, allocating resources while assessing risks and changes, and continuously monitoring project performance until the preferred goal is achieved.

Digital Marketing

Promoting products and services requires the expertise of a digital marketer. Digital marketing involves using digital means for marketing. Digital marketing experts send messages and check how it affects your experience as a customer.

Digital marketing, or online marketing, involves promoting brands to reach potential customers through the Internet and various digital platforms. This covers email, social media, web-based advertising, and even text and multimedia messages used as marketing channels.

Essential skills for a digital marketer include proficiency in digital marketing tools, analytics tools, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

The primary objective of digital marketing is to promote and sell digital products and services effectively. If you possess a persuasive mindset, consider hopping on the digital marketing train.

Social Media Management

As the name implies, social media management is the management of social media platforms. It’s another no-code tech skill that is in high demand. It involves analyzing, creating, and crafting content for social media platforms.

The role of social media managers is to oversee the audience, develop strategies, monitor account profiles, and enhance the social engagement of an organization or client on social media platforms.

Skills needed as a social media manager often include a keen interest in online activities. This role offers different opportunities, whether as a blogger or marketing manager, with the flexibility to work from various locations.


Writing is a versatile skill, not only is it useful in our everyday life, but it has become one of the skills that is formidable in tech. From content writing, to copywriting and UX writing, there are just a lot of things you can do with writing in tech.

Writing is a highly sought-after skill in the tech industry, as it plays a crucial role in communicating complex ideas effectively. It is also helpful in documenting processes, and creating user-friendly content.

So what do you need to be an outstanding writer in the tech industry?

To be a good writer in the tech space, you need to understand technical concepts. You should be able to simplify complex information while making sense from it.

Strong communication skill is another thing you need to be good at. You should be able to communicate with your audience at any point in time.

Paying attention to detail and adapting your writing style for different audiences is essential. Additionally, staying updated on industry trends and being open to feedback are crucial for continuous improvement.

Tech skills have proven over the years to serve as the gateway to numerous opportunities. If you’re looking forward to a tech career, the skills mentioned in this article are promising areas to concentrate on. Keep in mind the tech world is ever-evolving, so stay curious and keep learning. Your tech skills might open unexpected doors for you.


Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

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